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carol fenton

Holistic Therapist

Hi I’m Carol Ann, your Holistic Therapist would you like a Better posture and more balance? 

I suffered with horrific pain running from the base of my back down my leg, into my toes and back up to my knee. I’d get up and still be stuck bent over, till I slowly managed to stand straight. I was like this for months, I knew the Doctors would have just prescribed me strong pain killers, and sent me home and that would have been the worst thing ever, not just the pain but the loneliness as well.   

Whilst I was working I was talking to a work colleague who told me about the Emmett treatment, I was that desperate to relieve the discomfort I was experiencing I thought I would give it a try. Within just four sessions (one treatment per month) I  experienced a massive difference It felt like a miracle had just happened and I wanted to learn more about the methods surrounding these type of treatments. So I trained as an Emmett practitioner as well as other holistic therapies and have been helping people and animals heal quicker ever since. I’ve added additional qualifications, The Dorn method, which realigns the spine, and enables me to work on pressure points within joints,  

I furthered my studying to administer the techniques on scar work to heal scaring after a patient undergoes surgery, when you’re left with not just the scar but also the emotional trauma to the body e.g. C-section. I learnt that the age of the scar is not a problem, as long as its 12 weeks old and it can be worked on. I also perform Pulse Electromagnetic field therapy, too.  The powerful fusion of holistic therapist tools and techniques, means I can work with your unique challenges, help with posture, that can heal your body to repair quicker. 

Scroll down to read more about what my services and what I can offer also read through my qualifications and if you’re fully reassured please book an appointment either online text or by phone.  

working skills

Full Practitioner level & clinic

Dorn Method & Bruess Massage

Resilience & Positive Psychology & Licentiate

Creating Health Through Happiness


Old Pain 2 Go, Old Fat To Go

Living life to the full adult & younger people workshop

Creating health through happiness



Michelle Clift

Carol is a fantastic Emmett Practitioner, she sorted my shoulder out in just a couple of moves. Her passion and enthusiasm for the Technique is infectious

Mildred Caines

I was having trouble with my knees, shoulder and my spine needed re-aligning because I was in pain. My son told me about Carol and what treatments she carried out, at first I was sceptical  because these type of treatments I thought were a rip off, anyway I was desperate so I gave it a go. I was pleasantly surprise with the results the pain in my knees and shoulder disappeared. Carol then scheduled me in for 4-5 treatments on my spine to straighten it and the results were satisfactory. I found Carol to be very kind and considerate, she has a great personality and put me at ease straight away thanks Carol

Dawn Lesley Griffiths

My 7 year old son had an Emmett/scar tissue treatment with/from Carol after just one treatment, the pain from the broken collar injury last year disappeared! He had been really suffering with it with and couldn’t do any sporting activity now he’s back to playing on his basketball team. i can’t thank Carol enough she is a thoroughly beautiful person, very professional, wonderful with children and has magic fingers. i highly recommend her to anyone considering treatment

Andrew Kinghorn

I started off sceptical on whether this would help me, usually I have physio. After a session of treatment with Carol I could feel the benefits and was shocked at just how much it worked. if you have any niggles, injuries or soreness i would recommend trying Holistic Therapy to help you, you won’t be disappointed  

Patrica Ann Evans

Carol is very committed to this healing method, I would definitely recommend treatment from her, so much better after Carol sorted my knees out.


“Hi Carol I don’t know what you have done but since you helped me on Thursday the sore in my leg where the metal is has healed!!!! I’m in shock because it’s been there for months….now it’s healed!!!!. Carol I want to book you in regularly. Thank you darling for helping me”   


Wow after my first treatment with Carol 80% of pain from my lower back and joints in general are gone. After another treatment the pain has practically gone. Had another Scar Tissue Release/ Emmett Treatment and i feel even better than i did after the first visit.

Carol is a truly amazing spiritual healer. For years i suffered steroid injections, Physio and even surgery, which was horrific.

“Carol you are my hero i mean that constant pain weighs heavy on our spirit and thanks to you my spirit is light and free thank you so much”