Timely scar treatment

Research says if a scar is left untreated for a long time, it can cause problems during therapeutic interventions, or make them less effective. Also, if the scar is old, it can cause pain during movement of muscles and joints in the area. It can also cause fascia restrictions, blood and lymph flow reductions and weakening of muscular strength. A timely scar tissue release is essential to help you regain the comfort and ease of your muscle and joint movements. Contact Carol Anns Head to Toe Wellbeing today.

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The scar release process

The scar tissue release is an innovative and natural method of helping you release your scars or soothe the muscles around the scar. During the process, I'll apply gentle pressure to the area with my fingertips that will help free the scar restrictions. I won't apply any force or thrust as it may cause you pain - the pressure will be within your tolerance limit. Based in Middleton, I serve across Manchester.

Scars post surgeries, including:


Key hole surgery

Mastectomy and lumpectomy



Knee joint replacement


Foot Massage

"I went to see Carol because I had been suffering with back and hip pain. The treatment was relaxing and completely painless. I didn’t see results immediately but after a few days the pain was reduced significantly! Carol told me that my balance was out and that was contributing to my pain- she helped to rectify this using Emmett techniques. I would definitely recommend a visit. Thank you"

Gem Leah


Release the pain around your scar

A scar can not only result in a permanent mark on the affected area of your body but can also affect your emotional well-being. Call Carol Anns Head to Toe Wellbeing in Middleton on
07715 920 000
for scar tissue release in Manchester.

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