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Pain management

The Emmett technique is a gentle and safe muscle release therapy that is effective on both human and animals. Through this technique, I'm able to understand the body's response to light touch. Neural points have small sensors that carry the touch signal to the brain. This has the effect of directly influencing the muscle action. These points may also have a memory and an emotional attachment. Contact Carol Anns Head to Toe Wellbeing; I serve customers across Manchester.

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Key features of the technique

Accurate assessment of body imbalances

With the help of this technique, I can find out the imbalances prevalent in the different parts of the body and help reduce them. The process can be done when the person is sitting, lying or standing. They can be either fully clothed or with some outer layers of clothing removed for clearer examination. The process is suitable for babies, elderly people and everyone in between. This technique can be integrated with any other muscle release technique, such as massages, chiropractic methods or physiotherapy.

Benefits of the technique include:

Improved body movement

Relaxation aid

Muscle pain release and better comfort

Improvement in the quality of life

A sense of lightness within the body

Better comfort during pregnancy

Masseuse stretching the right leg of a young woman

"Carol is very committed to this healing method. I would definitely recommend treatment from her. So much better after Carol sorted my knees out. Xx"

Patricia Ann Evans


Heel pain healing in Manchester

If you have foot pain, I can help reduce it with the Emmett technique.
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