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Joint pain management

Back pain healing

A hip imbalance can cause the spine to align differently from its original position, which can cause headache, and neck and shoulder pain. The most common problem of back pain is the misalignment of the spinal cord that causes the pain to grow along the sciatic nerve. At Carol Anns Head to Toe Wellbeing, I offer effective joint and back pain management with the help of the Dorn method. In this method, the person undergoing the treatment works together with me in order to restore the skeletal joints to their original positions. Based in Middleton, I serve customers across Manchester.

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Thrust moves are not applied

Gentle joint movements

During the treatment, the person undergoing the therapy actively moves the joint while I use my thumb or hand to guide the joint back to the proper position. Logical mechanical principles come into play where counter pressure and levering forces mobilise the muscle to correct the joint alignment. There is no forceful or thrust moves applied that can hurt the muscle or joints in question. In addition to the Dorn treatment administration,  I also advise my customers regarding the exercises that need to be done by them at home. These self-help exercises form a critical part of the treatment.


What kind of pain can be relieved?

Thoracic spine pain

Pelvis and hip joint pain

Shoulder joint pain

Lumbar spine pain

Back and heel pain

Breuss Massage

This can be combined with the Dorn Method or a separate treatment

This is a gentle massage that safely stretches, nourishes, aligns and energizes the back. This combination of both Dorn therapy and Breuss massage provide a very effective method to gently align the spine and joints, helping to regenerate the whole body system in a safe, simple and effective way.


"Carol is a fantastic Emmett practitioner. She sorted my shoulder out in just a couple of moves. her passion and her enthusiasm for the Emmett technique is infectious."

Michelle Clift


Spinal realignment

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